What Is The Best Overall Place To Live In The State Of Ohio?

Ohio is a great state, the Buckeye State. What is a buckeye? When I was a kid, we used to have a buckeye tree in our backyard in Kentucky. If you are thinking about moving to Ohio, you are researching different areas and want to know the best places to live. There are many great cities and neighborhoods. Which is the best one?

Cincinnati And Dayton Area

There are two areas of Ohio that stand out to me the most. One is the Cincinnati area, and the other is the Dayton OH area. The two cities are about an hour away from one another. Both have their draws, like Dayton’s 2nd Street Market, which is like the best farmers market in the world. Cincinnati is a larger city, and of course there are going to be more things to do there.

The great thing about these two cities is again, they aren’t too far away from each other, 52 minutes to be exact. Again, there are other great cities in Ohio, too. And, once you pick a city, you are going to want to look at properties, schools and other factors and pick out a neighborhood, too. There are many great neighborhoods in both Cincinnati and Dayton.

Crime Rate

I have heard about Dayton’s crime rate, but Cincinnati’s crime rate is actually the same. Both are great cities to live. You just want to pick the right neighborhood. Let me give you some perspective, too. The crime rate for Cincinnati and Dayton is above the national average. However, the city where I live and that I love, Myrtle Beach, has a crime rate that is almost double that of Cincinnati and Dayton. Yet I manage just fine and love Myrtle Beach.

Best Neighborhoods

If you want to know where to live in a city, you have to look at the best neighborhoods. It’s not just about crime but what is in those neighborhoods in regards to schools, businesses and other community center resources. For example, Oakwood is a popular neighborhood in Dayton. River view Heights is a popular neighborhood in Cincinnati.

Choose Your City To Live

Has this helped you consider where to live in Ohio? Maybe you end up finding a great place in Dayton. Or maybe you end up looking at Cincinnati and choose a neighborhood there. It could be that you go with another city in Ohio. Each city and neighborhood has its perks, and I will tell you one thing. If it were me, I would make sure that I had access to 2nd Street Market in Dayton OH. You can findĀ best agent for real estate in dayton, if you choose to stay here.