What All Will You Get To Do With A Costa Rica Vacation Package?

A Costa Rica vacation package is waiting for you. If you know anything about this Central American country, you know that it is a natural beauty. There are all kinds of wonderful places to visit, and you can plan on getting to as many as you have time for. It is time to discover four of the top places of interest to enjoy while on your Costa Rica vacation.

Discover The Top Four Places in Costa Rica Vacation

La Fortuna Waterfall

La Fortuna Waterfall is located at Arena Volcano National Park in Fortuna de San Carlos. Not only do you get to see the beautiful scenery, but you get to go swimming, too. There is a swimming area, and let me tell you, you can just imagine how many pictures you are going to want to take. As you are hiking the trail to get to this gorgeous waterfall and the swimming area, reviews mention that there are lookout areas intermittently, too.

Proyecto Asis

Proyecto Asis is said to be at the same national park as La Fortuna Waterfall. This place of interest is a place for all animal lovers. Yes, you get to feed them, too. What you will also like about this place that houses wildlife is that it’s not a zoo. It is a rescue center. As you can imagine, the wildlife at this animal sanctuary always changes, and so your tour there is always going to be a unique adventure.

Cahuita National Park

Cahuita National Park is another natural beauty, and it is located on Main Street at the far end. That seems a little surprising to find a national park right next to Main Street, doesn’t it? You will find a gorgeous beach there, and you could also see howler monkeys, tucans, snakes and more. In fact, people say that you can even see sloths there. That would be so awesome.

Curi Cancha Reserve

One more popular place of interest in Costa Rica is the Curi Cancha Reserve, and it is close to the Monteverde Cheese Factory. You will find well-maintained walking trails, and you will see all kinds of wildlife there. Reviews mention spider monkeys, bell birds and much more.

Just think about what all your Costa Rica vacation package can include. It is time to hit those national parks, go swim at the beach and see wildlife that you have never laid eyes on before. You will have a wonderful vacation, and you just might find yourself saying that you want to go back to Costa Rica the next time, too. Book your Costa Rica vacation package at Tiaratravelcostarica.com