Looking For The Best SEO Marketing Company Near Me

For the past two years, I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to increase my business website’s SERP rankings on Google for a wide range of targeted keywords and phrases. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but it is not clear to me that I need some professional help. I mean, traffic from SERP is often the most lucrative type of traffic around. By lucrative, I should clarify and explain that traffic from SERP is highly-targeted and organic, so the conversion rates tend to be higher. As a business owner, I am always looking for more ways to get quality leads to visit my website. After all, profits are all about sales, so when it comes to traffic stats, quality always trumps quantity. Read about The Best SEO Companies In Houston .

One of the main problems

I’m having when it comes to ranking highly on SERP for a variety of researched keywords is that my competitors are using black hat SEO techniques to constantly overtake any gains I make in my position. I was always under the impression that Google penalized websites that were using known black hat spamming techniques in order to artificially inflate their SERP rankings, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I mean, I always thought unique, quality content was an important weighted factor in Google’s ranking algorithm, but when I visit some of my competitors’ websites, I see that they are full of low-quality, plagiarized content. Perhaps I am spending too much money on quality blog posts on my own website?


I really need professional help from the best SEO marketing company near me when it comes to backlink building. I have seen my competitors utilize private blog networks stuffed with spun PLR articles in order to increase their reputation with Google. I don’t want to play dirty, but I really don’t know how I can outrank my competitors using white hat SEO techniquse. After all, handwritten, quality content is expensive and it takes of lost of negotiation skills to get guest post content published on respected blogs and website. Maybe a good marketing firm could help me with my content marketing strategy? Ideally, I am looking for ways to save money on quality copywriting.

I understand that SEO is not the be all and end all of successful online promotion.

Indeed, I have been spending the last few weeks learning as much as I can about social media marketing. To be honest, I really didn’t understand how powerful platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube could be to small online businesses until I started my research.

Now I know more about social media marketing

I plan to create a killer promotional campaign for my business website on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. My goal is to sell as many products to new customers as possible, but I also want to keep my current customer base coming back for more. I have learned that social media networks can be a great reputation management tool for businesses and also a great way to communicate with existing customers. visit us at https://scottkeeverseo.com/clearwater-seo/ .