How to Find Business Owner’s Names

When you do prospecting and marketing you could cold call places and make your pitch. This is not always the most pleasant way to approach people who are busy and besides this, marketing by physical mail and e-mail are more effective while being less intrusive.

Find Business Owner Name Online

This is when it is helpful to know how to find business owner’s names and information online. Assuming you have an idea of who to target your business or products to, you can start searching online for the contact information for the owners of businesses that you know your services will appeal to.

Doing these searches is much more productive because you will be able to personalize your mailings. It will be much more helpful than addressing the information to Owner.

Online Database Registered Business

Go to your state online database of registered businesses and you can also look for business search engine. This should provide you with any owner of a corporation, an LLC or a sole proprietorship. Businesses also must be licensed. You can check with the state finance department to get information on business licenses which include the owner name and address.

Other ways to get this information include visiting the business About Us page. This usually contains a story about the owners or it is often written by the owner. It can include information about the corporate mission which is good for you to know so you can better target your marketing material.

General Contact E-mail Form

The Contact page is, of course, another great source for owner information. Sometimes you will only find a general contact e-mail form. This is why it is good to use the other two methods mentioned above. You can also check the testimonials if there are any. Most satisfied customers will indicate who helped them and if they mention it was the owner, Jack Johnson, you know how to address your mail.

Call the company. Simply call and ask for the owner’s name. Let whoever answers know that you have some helpful information that you want to forward to them.

Better Business Bureau Listing

Another good source for this information is the Better Business Bureau listing for the business. This also contains a report on the business. If customers have left reviews there, read them. You might gain insight into what the company does that is great and see how to fit your product or service into maintaining this. You may also find criticisms that you can use to slant how your products can help them.